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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Services

Custom Sensor Packages

Our versatile sensor platform allows you to customize the exact sensor configuration you need.  Easily increase your visibility by add new sensors.  Data from your new sensor is automatically sent to your cloud account .

Cloud Infastructure

Seamlessly and securely stream your sensor data to the cloud.  Relax knowing that your data is protected from loss.  Quickly access your data from anywhere.  

Data Analytics

Quickly process your data into information using several built in analysis modules or create a custom module for your specific needs.  Generate reports that help drive your business decisions. Leverage common data analytic tool to enhance your understanding.

Web based platform

Log in and monitor your data by quickly viewing reports with custom dashboards. Configure monitoring and alerts for critial infrastructure.  Setup automated text alerts and email messages based off rules you define.  View interactive charts and tables for full control of your data. Our phone app makes it easy to stay in connected.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Create a custom solution that leverages your current hardware suite.  We can integrate into you current sensor platform or create a custom package tailored for your business needs.  Couple that with seamless cloud based storage and data analytics allow you to focus on what is important, growing your business.

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